Don’t lose a dream because it’s taking too long.

As I was reading the Bible, reading the story of Jacob, who was broke by then but in love with a beautiful lady called Rachel. Because he was broke, he made a deal with Laban (Rachel’s father), that he would work seven years as the bride price to marry Rachel.

He worked for seven laborious years, only to be given a different lady. He was angry but couldn’t do anything. Laban said, if you still want Rachel, you have to work seven more years. For the love of Rachel, he worked seven more years and was given Rachel.

After reading this, I placed myself into Jacob’s shoes and saw that i wouldn’t wait for such, there would actually have been a war. Fourteen years ain’t a joke, but to Jacob, it was worth it. Some of our dreams take to long to happen, but it does not necessarily mean that it won’t happen.

Don’t lose a dream because it’s taking too long. In this world take a good example of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Take another example of Jack Ma. Don’t give up on your dreams because of the time frame. Bamboo seeds take 5 years below the ground, but when their time is up, it makes one a billionaire.