Job, a spectacular man who loves his family and above all loves God who protects him with kindness and mercy, and is all of a sudden under attack. Satan fires all of his heavy artillery to dramatically affect his family, property, employees and as a bubonic plague, wound his entire body to disable him. Then this man of God responds with one of the most efficient weapons that any human being can have: BY WORSHIPING Almighty God.

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”

That is my “Iron Man”. Now I know what type of material one of the great titans of the Old Testament is made of, he who endured this devastating aggression, his heart practically destroyed in his own hands.
What do we have to do to achieve patience, faith, determination, fidelity and conviction to reach this type of maturity? I think that in the life of this man there is only the dessert of Love that is felt by a God so great that brought him closer to his presence each day.

If JOB were here with us today, he would comment the following:

1- You have to be prepared for the unexpected. We never know when an enemy will attack.

2- Your family is very important. You should always be close to them even at moments where everything looks pretty good and in complete tranquility.

3- No matter what happens in your life, always recognize the provision, control and the will of God, even if you have been left with nothing and have to start over from nothing.

4- At the end of all difficult trials, His blessings have no boundary and surely they are always the best, because they are eternal and wonderful.